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Occupation: Engineering Officer

(Fourth Engineer, Third Engineer, Second Engineer, Chief Engineer)

Marine engineers maintain the mechanical operation of vessels.  They focus on systems such as electrical generation, pumping and transfer, crane and cargo, hydraulic, refrigeration and water treatment. 

Program: Marine Engineering

Institution: Marine Institute, St. John’s
Duration: Four years (seven academic terms, 2 technical sessions and 3 work terms)

Entrance Requirements:

  • High School Graduation Certificate with a 60% average in:
    • English 3201
    • Mathematics 3200, 3201, 3204, or 3205
    • Science: Biology 3201, Physics 3204, Chemistry 3202 or Earth Systems 3209
  • A signed medical from an approved doctor certifying physical fitness

Program Description:

Students gain real experience at sea, and with naval architecture and machinery maintenance.    


The Government of Canada (Transport Canada) develops and enforces certification standards to ensure the safe operation of all marine vessels in Canada. Engineering Officer graduates are qualified to write the Transport Canada 4th Class Certificate of Competency. Engineers with further experience can write exams for third class, second class, and chief engineer certificates of competency.