Career Categories

Unique work environments offer unique career opportunities


The oil and gas industry operates in a variety of environments offshore and onshore, with each providing interesting career opportunities. From engineering and technical skilled workers, to corporate administration and business management, and everything in between, there are many career opportunities waiting for you.


The most common career categories:


  • Engineering and Earth Science (mainly onshore positions). Examples include Drilling Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Geophysicist and Geologist
  • Marine positions (mainly offshore positions). Examples include Master Mariner, First Mate, Marine Engineer, Roughneck, Derrickman, Driller and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
  • Well Services positions (mainly offshore positions). Examples include Directional Drilling Supervisor, Cementing Technician and Slickline Wireline Technician
  • Technologist positions (mainly offshore positions). Examples include Mechanical Technician, Electrical Technician, Process Operator and Instrumentation Technologist
  • Trades positions (onshore and offshore). Examples include Pipefitter, Welder, Electrician and Millwright
  • Other specialty services. Examples include Offshore Medic, Offshore Radio Operator and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Technician
  • Business and Administration (mainly onshore positions). Examples include Accountant, Communications Advisor, Human Resources Advisor and Regulatory Analyst



There are many options to be found offshore and onshore


Research has shown that there are over 240 different occupations related to the province’s offshore oil & gas industry. And while most people tend to think of offshore careers first, approximately half of the positions are actually found onshore.


Want to learn more?


Check out our Come Work With Us video to get a closer look at the many exciting career opportunities you’ll find both onshore and offshore. Download the video in five parts – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.