Inspiring Young Minds

Oil & Gas Educator’s Award

The Petroleum Industry Human Resources Committee (PIHRC) is pleased to recognize an outstanding teacher or guidance counsellor with our educator award: the Inspiring Young Minds Oil & Gas Educator’s Award. PIHRC deeply understands the value of education and partnerships with educators are key to the attraction and retention of the people essential to a successful oil & gas industry.

This award recognizes the contribution of teachers who demonstrate a direct and positive influence on young people. They also help students learn about the oil & gas industry and/or pursue related post-secondary education and careers.

We accept nominations from students, teachers, administrators at the high school and post-secondary level, as well as industry representatives.

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Funding for the Inspiring Young Minds Oil & Gas Educator’s Award is made available by the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement.The prize of $1,000 is to be used to further personal and/or professional development as an educator.

Nominate Your Favourite Educator

Nominate a high school teacher or guidance counsellor for the Inspiring Young Minds Oil & Gas Educator’s Award.

(If you have difficulty accessing this nomination form, please email for a copy.)

Past Winners

Dave FureyDave Furey, O’Donel High School

As an engineer Dave Furey, has been a positive role model for students considering a career in the oil & gas industry. Testimonials through the nomination process indicated that Mr. Furey is an exceptional teacher who has been inspiring young minds for the past two decades. His students say he provides them with real-world examples to illustrate how math and science help students to not only learn the fundamentals, but inspires them to go on to careers that use these important skills. Mr. Furey’s engaging and innovative teaching methods are evident in his students’ above average scoring on provincial public exams. He gives his students confidence to take on challenges and has inspired students to become future educators and leaders.