Oil supply vessel in St. John's Harbour. Work in the oil & gas industry can be very rewarding

Just as there is a wide range of career paths within the oil & gas industry, the salaries also span a wide range, with differences across employers and locations. However, above-average pay and excellent benefits packages are definitely the norm when you compare positions to those in other fields.

Canadian currencyGreat careers and great wages

Oil & gas extraction and its related industries are the top paying industries in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Canada’s 2016 census data showed the average employment income for full-time, full-year workers directly employed in this sector was almost $180,000.

There are many careers where starting annual salaries are in excess of $35,000. Some, such as those in engineering, earth sciences, or drilling, begin at close to $50,000. If working offshore, you may start at about $75,000.  Once reaching a senior position in your field, you can expect to make more than $100,000 per year.

Person vacationing with palm trees and ocean viewsGood pay is just one of the many benefits

In addition to higher-than-average wages, there are many other benefits to working in the dynamic oil & gas industry – the least of which is a rewarding and challenging career. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Access to the latest technology
  • The ability to study, live and work in your home province and the opportunity to travel and work all over the world
  • Strong potential for career advancement
  • Highly-competitive compensation packages that may include items such as salary, bonuses, location-specific benefits, generous vacation programs and health/dental and retirement benefit packages
  • Flexible work schedules and the opportunity to achieve a strong work-life balance