NL Oil & Gas Sector Companies

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Most people tend to think of the big name oil and gas explorers, producers and developers when considering work in the industry. However, it is actually the supply and service companies which do much of the hiring.


Many jobs in the industry fall outside the oil companies


From engineering and surveying, medical services to safety inspectors, catering to accommodations and more, there are many different employment opportunities available. The oil companies hire contractors to fill certain needs. They, in turn, often hire sub-contractors to ensure the work gets completed on schedule and on budget.

The chart below shows just how wide the employment field is for the industry.

Newfoundland Oil and Gas

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A detailed list of oil and gas supply and service companies is available on the Noia member profiles page. You can search by company name, product or service, or your own search terms. From there, you’ll get a brief description of each company.