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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Stacey Silver
St. John’s
Company: Schlumberger

“It is extremely important to me to maintain a balance between my career and family responsibilities.”


Stacey has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Co-op) from Memorial University and is a Certified General Accountant (CGA). She says her natural interest in numbers, problem solving and working with a diverse group of people drew her to her chosen profession. She adds that her high school math courses were the most applicable to her post-secondary studies.


Stacey works a 45-hour week in an office, Monday to Friday. She is a salaried employee. Stacey lives close to her place of work and commutes just 5 minutes. Her typical work as a Business Analyst include a variety of accounting duties such as posting journal entries, account reconciliations, analysis of balance sheets and income statements, supervising staff and ad hoc projects.

There is some travel involved in her work, mainly for training. Stacey’s travels have taken her to Houston (Texas), Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Calgary (Alberta). Prior to assuming her current position she worked as an accountant with a company who completed repair and overhaul of airplane and helicopter engines.

Compensation and Benefits

Salaries for Stacey’s occupation range from $60,000-75,000 annually, while career compensation can range from $70,000-140,000. Her employer provides her with insurance, a medical plan and pension, as well as annual merit increases. Stacey receives mandatory safety training from her employer and she can attend any financial training offered internally or externally. She feels that salaries in her career are higher than salaries in non oil and gas careers with similar amounts of training.