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Name: Chris Elliott
Company: Canship Ugland Ltd.

  • Diploma of Technology in Nautical Science,Marine Institute
  • Master Mariner Certificate,Transport Canada

Location: Offshore – Shuttle Tanker
Hometown: Paradise, NL
Currently Living in: Sydney, NS


Chris Elliott is a Captain on a shuttle tanker, a ship involved in transporting oil from production installations off the coast of Newfoundland. Everyone associated with the vessel has to report to Chris as the Captain. Come aboard as Chris tells us how he trained for this job, what it involves, and why he loves his career in the province’s oil and gas industry.

Education and Personal Background 

Chris started training for a marine occupation straight out of high school. He says his focus on math and science in high school really helped him during his studies at the Marine Institute.

“My career started with completing my diploma in Nautical Science. But I had to complete a long cycle of sea time and a number of exams required by government to become certified as a Master Mariner.”

Chris has served on vessels in Canadian and international waters, and has been continuously training throughout his career. That includes technical courses, like dynamic position referencing, and more hands-on courses, like firefighting.

“Training for marine occupations is never-ending. It’s the nature of this business that we are always trying to fit in some sort of training.”

Duties and Work Environment 

Chris is responsible for all activities associated with guiding, piloting, maintaining and navigating the vessel, as well as ensuring the safety and welfare of everyone onboard.

“My job requires me to be on call for my entire 35-day rotation, so I can expect to be working at any and all hours,” Chris says.

It is not all hands-on work though – a considerable part of Chris’ job involves maintaining email correspondence, preparing reports, and conducting inspections.

Being a Captain requires a combination of managerial skills and technical knowledge. Chris says he enjoys the challenges and variety of the work.

“Any Captain will tell you they like the fact they are in command of their own vessel.”

Questions and Answers

What inspires you most at work?

I find it inspiring seeing a job or task to successful completion. I’m a very goal-orientated person, so I gain a lot of satisfaction from putting things to bed and checking things off the list.

What has been your proudest career moment?

Being given command of my first vessel by Canship Ugland.

What is your motto?

I believe that good things happen to those who work hard. Nobody’s ever suffered by putting their head down and going to work.