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Client Servies Analyst

Client Services Analyst

Jeffrey Ball
Labrador City
Company: Husky Energy

“Working offshore mixes things up occasionally. A dynamic environment keeps things fresh!”


Prior to beginning his career, Jeffrey completed the Computer Support Specialist and Programmer Analyst (Business) programs at the College of the North Atlantic. He credits his long-time interest in computers, electronics and the Internet with helping shape his future career. “I always enjoyed anything and everything technical/electronic and it came really easily for me.”


Jeffrey usually works in an office environment from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm, with occasional 12-hour shifts at offshore locations. Jeffrey lives close to his place of work, commuting 15 minutes to his downtown St. John’s office.

Jeffrey’s duties include providing computer support, telecommunications support and application/website development. When working offshore Jeffrey must be aware of the many challenges common to boats and drilling rigs. He says all risks are constantly considered and measures are put in place to ensure the safest possible environment. Jeffrey’s job occasionally takes him to his company’s head office in Calgary, as well as offshore. He may also be required to travel for training courses.

Jeffrey’s career began with work as a co-op student before becoming a member of his company’s general help desk team and now a junior client services analyst. His future career might see him move into a more senior position as team lead or branching out into specific areas of the IT industry such as servers, networks or programming.

Compensation and Benefits

In addition to his salary and offshore hazard pay, Jeffrey’s employer provides him with life and health insurance, RRSP contributions and training opportunities. There is also the potential for individual and group performance bonuses. He feels that salaries in the oil and gas industry are generally higher than those of similar positions in other industries, especially in terms of potential salary increases and bonuses.