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Communications Analyst

Communications Analyst

Nancy Wicks
Mount Pearl
Company: Petro-Canada

“So far what I enjoy about working in the oil and gas industry is the variety associated. I get to be involved with many different forms of communications: Investor Relations, media relations, internal and external communications, charitable work, etc. No two days are the same.”


Nancy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University and a Bachelor of Public Relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. She says her high school courses in Language, English Literature and Social Studies were most applicable to her post-secondary studies.  Nancy’s involvement in debating and public speaking helped prepare her for her future position, while her current participation in the International Association of Business Communicators provides her with professional development training, access to research and other information pertinent to her current job. Nancy says natural aptitudes such as analytical and strategic thinking, debating skills, organizational skills and good writing abilities, and being a “people person” helped draw her towards her chosen career.


Nancy generally works from 8:00 am -5:00 pm, with no shift work or rotations. She lives close to her place of work, just a 20 minute commute by car. Nancy has not yet traveled for her position but future travel to Calgary or London is possible. Nancy says there are no “typical” duties involved in her position as each day is different. She is involved in event planning, preparing briefing notes, writing speaking notes, responding to requests, etc. She works in an office setting, with few safety hazards. However, working in the offshore oil industry presents the possibility of offshore travel which is more physically demanding and requires additional preparation.

After graduating from university, Nancy began her career with two not-for-profit associations in St. John’s. There are many future possibilities for Nancy in the public relations and oil and gas fields, including different aspects of public relations such as Investor or Government relations.

Compensation and Benefits

In addition to her salary, Nancy receives a comprehensive benefits plan that includes insurance benefits, educational assistance, a fitness subsidy, pension benefits, as well as vacation and flex time. She is also eligible to receive long term incentives and value sharing (annual bonus program) based on performance. Nancy’s employer also provides her with a variety of training options ranging from general desktop/online computer courses in assorted software programs to career specific conferences and training sessions.