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Construction/Maintenance Electrician

Construction/Maintenance Electrician

Name: Trevor Corbett
Company: Magna Services Ltd.

  • Construction/Industrial Electrician Certificate,College of the North Atlantic
  • Journeyperson and Red Seal Certification – Industrial Electrician

Location: Offshore – Oil Production Installation
Hometown: Chapel’s Cove, NL
Currently Living In: Chapel’s Cove, NL  


Every day, Trevor Corbett works with the most “current” electrical technologies. He says his career is an “outlet” for both his handy skills and his quest for a challenge.

“My father told me years ago to find a career in which I’d enjoy going to work every day. I have found that an electrician in the oil and gas industry.” 

Education and Personal Background 

Trevor Corbett is a graduate of the Construction/Industrial Electrician Certificate program at College of the North Atlantic. After completing his certificate, Trevor worked in commercial construction as a second-year apprentice. After the first block of his apprentice training, Trevor became a third-year apprentice, and went to work on industrial sites in Labrador and Alberta. Trevor then completed his second block of training followed by his Red Seal Certification. After obtaining his Red Seal, Trevor moved closer to home and started working in the local oil and gas industry.

In order to qualify for his current job, Trevor had to complete a number of safety and survival-related courses suited to traveling by helicopter and working offshore. He’s completed Basic Survival Training (BST), Helicopter Underwater Emergency Breathing Apparatus (HUEBA) training, and Hazardous Area EX training, among others. Looking back to high school, Trevor says he believes math and physics helped him most with his post-secondary program and career.

Duties and Work Environment 

Trevor works a daily 12-hour shift on a 21-day on/21-day off rotation. Since he works a mix of day shifts and night shifts, his work hours usually start at 6:00 a.m. and finish at 6:00 p.m., or vice versa. Trevor’s job often revolves around troubleshooting issues with equipment, such as electric motors not functioning, or light circuits tripping. Trevor’s job requires him to be skilled with hand and power tools, and with testing equipment and finding problems. Trevor also helps other workers to perform their jobs safely by shutting off power flow as required.

In addition to these hands-on skills, Trevor says computers skills are important to his job. Electricians are often required to prepare reports, spreadsheets, and other communications. They also use specialized software for tracking work progress and schedules, and locating and reading drawings.

Questions and Answers

What do you most enjoy about your job? 

I enjoy many aspects of my job. When I started in oil and gas, I liked the idea of such an ever-changing and exciting career field. The amount of technology being used for drilling, production and refining is remarkable, and I find myself continually learning. I’m always furthering my electrical knowledge, and developing my troubleshooting skills. The 21-day on/off rotation is also excellent, as it allows me to really enjoy my time off.

What advice do you have to offer aspiring tradespersons? 

Retain as much information as possible. It’s important to stay engaged and strive to learn. Read books pertaining to your craft, and develop good hands-on experience. This hard work and expanded knowledge will lead to a rewarding career.

What inspires you in your work? 

My family at home inspires me to do a safe job while at work. They expect me to provide a means of living and to come home from work every three weeks.