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Drilling & Completions Technologist

Drilling & Completions Technologist

Cynthia Roche

Hometown: Logy Bay
Company: ExxonMobil

“Working in a very dynamic and fast-paced field keeps my career very interesting.”


Cynthia completed the Petroleum Engineering Technology program at College of the North Atlantic. She says her high school courses in math, chemistry and physics were most applicable to her post-secondary studies. Cynthia believes her analytical nature and enjoyment of challenges helped draw her towards her chosen career. She adds that her youth involvement in cadets, volunteer work and part-time job were great experiences which helped her develop important career skills. Cynthia is currently a member of WISE (Women In Science and Engineering) and is physically active (she rows and is a member of a local gym). “I believe all groups and clubs develop teamwork skills that would be beneficial to career development.”


Cynthia typically works 8 am-5 pm, mainly in an office environment. She lives close to her place of work and has a 15-minute commute. Cynthia’s typical work day mainly involves office duties and computer work so proper ergonomic work stations are important. Cynthia’s duties include constructing EOWRs (end of well reports) for all wells, creating the AFEs (authority for expenditure) for all wells, using WellView administrator (well software) to create wells and edit data, compiling presentations, performing routine reporting requirements and assisting engineers when required. Cynthia’s job requires some travel for training programs, including trips offshore. She plans to travel to Calgary this fall for training.

Workplace hazards are not a major concern in Cynthia’s office setting, but she says individuals working offshore must be constantly aware of the hazards that surround them – chemicals, noise level, moving equipment, slips, trips and falls, and pinch points. Her employer has a very strong workplace safety program for both onshore and offshore sites.

Cynthia’s career began with a work-term position at EnCana Corporation in Calgary. Upon graduation she worked as a roustabout for 1 year and then as a maintenance support technician for half a year (both were rotational positions on the Hibernia platform with Noble Drilling). Cynthia says future career possibilities in the oil and gas industry are endless.

Compensation and Benefits

In addition to her salary, Cynthia receives a benefits package from her employer which includes a pension, medical and dental insurance, RRSPs, a physical fitness refund program, etc. Salary uplifts are also available to individuals when working offshore. Her employer also offers an education refund program and is very supportive of continuing education. Cynthia says the amount of further training offered to employees is endless. Technical courses are available locally and internationally, and computer-based training is also important.