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Name: Megan Laracy
Company: ExxonMobil Canada

  • Master of Science in Earth Sciences,Memorial University
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Earth Sciences,Memorial University

Location: Onshore – Office Building
Hometown: St. John’s, NL
Currently Living In: St. John’s, NL


“I enjoy solving puzzles and technical challenges,” she says. “The breadth of subject areas within geology provides many options for career choices, and lots of travel opportunities.” 

Education and Personal Background 

Megan completed both an honours degree and a master’s degree in earth sciences at Memorial University. She chose to study earth sciences because of her interest in science.

“It has always appealed to me how geology involves the integration of chemistry, physics, biology, and other sciences,” she says.

Megan says she feels her technical skills were developed in high school through studying math and sciences. She says her interpersonal skills, such as leadership and team-building, were developed during her participation in music lessons, bands and orchestras.

Duties and Work Environment 

Megan works in an office, with a morning commute that takes about ten to fifteen minutes. She works from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

In her position, Megan specializes in the area of petrophysics – the study of rock formations and their interactions with fluids. When Megan’s company conducts drilling activities, she interprets data from the drilling of wells. She uses this data to help determine the properties of oil reservoirs. This data is put into geologic and simulation models to imitate and predict the behavior of the actual reservoir.

“We operate in a diverse technical environment, with input from multiple disciplines.”

Megan says it is important for her to have effective time management and prioritization skills to meet the timelines required for her analyses of the reservoirs.

In addition to her routine work in St. John’s, Megan travels to Houston, Texas once or twice each year for training. She has traveled for coursework, as well as field training that takes place on various jobsites.

“As your career evolves and your skillset progresses, the amount of training involved frequently changes. Field training opportunities complimentary to my coursework have enabled me to attend field schools across the southern United States and western Canada.”

Questions and Answers

Why did you choose a career in oil and gas?

From a technical perspective, my interest in petrophysics is well suited to the oil and gas industry. I also enjoy the combination of a collaborative work environment with opportunities to work independently. The oil and gas industry is global, so it provides endless travel opportunities and allows me to work with people from around the world.

What is the best career advice you were ever given?

Three things:

  • If you enjoy your work, it’s not work.
  • Most things in the world can be bought or sold, but not a reputation.
  • Stay curious and keep learning. 

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love the variety. Since I joined the company in 2011, I’ve worked on onshore and offshore developments.  I’ve been exposed to oil and gas exploration as well as development and production. I’ve worked on different types of reservoirs, and I’ve worked in both Calgary and St. John’s. These continuous challenges and exposure to new and different things keep me continuously learning and expanding my skillsets.