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Health, Environment, Safety & Quality (HESQ) Advisor

Health, Environment, Safety & Quality (HESQ) Advisor

Scott Boland
Hometown: Torbay
Company: Chevron

“The oil and gas industry has provided me with a very rewarding and challenging career. The most rewarding part of my job is ensuring my co-workers and I get to go home safe to our families and loved ones.”


Scott completed the Occupational Health and Safety Program at the College of the North Atlantic prior to beginning his career. He says his high school law and industrial studies courses were most applicable to his post-secondary studies. Scott has also completed a number of specific career-related programs to prepare him for his work in the offshore: confined space entry training, gas tester training, Basic Survival Training, regulatory awareness training, naturally radio active material training, advanced first aid and offshore fire fighting training. Scott’s career has also benefited from his involvement in the Motor Safety Council of Canada and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Scott says he was drawn to his chosen career because he has always been a strong supporter of safety and he never wanted to see any of his co-workers or friends get hurt. “A good friend of mine lost several fingers in a work-related accident and I did not want that to happen to anyone else. I got involved in safety because I felt I could make a difference in the workplace as well as at home.”


Scott’s work offshore consists of 12-hour days and he works for 21 days at a time followed by 21 days off. When working in Newfoundland & Labrador, Scott has a 10 km commute to the heliport followed by a 1_ hour helicopter flight to the rig. He is now working in Alaska (a 20-hour flight from Newfoundland & Labrador) and will travel by plane and helicopter while working there.

Scott’s day begins by meeting with his work group in a tool box talk meeting where workers discuss the different jobs that will take place that day. He spends the remainder of his day outside, interacting with all the different work groups, meeting with onshore staff and providing different types of safety related training. Conditions offshore can be very harsh due to stormy weather, high winds and heavy seas. Scott says that in any offshore environment there are numerous hazards such as moving equipment which all workers must be aware of.

Scott began his career as a Roustabout on deck before progressing to a Pipe Deck Coordinator position. After five years offshore he became the Safety, Health and Environmental Lead on the Hibernia platform. After 10 years on the platform, he joined Chevron to oversee safety on the Eirik Raude drilling rig. He is now going to Alaska as a Drill Safety Specialist working on offshore and land rigs. Scott’s career will allow him to go into onshore HES roles or possibly an HES manager position. He could stay in Drilling or go into the Production division.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary range for Scott’s current occupation is approximately +$85,000 while career compensation could range from $120,000-200,000 annually, based on location. New graduates with no offshore experience would likely start out in an onshore HSE position earning in the range of $45,000-55,000 to begin. Scott’s employer provides full health and dental benefits, disability insurance, RRSPs, pension and company-matched savings plan. Additional bonuses are available based on the company meetings its business targets. Isolation and hazard pay are offered to workers, depending on the risk level and isolated location. Scott says workers offshore Newfoundland & Labrador receive a location premium as compensation for the harsh, remote environment. Scott’s employer provides necessary job training and will cover some or all of the cost of post-secondary education if it enhances an employee’s career and industry knowledge. Scott feels his salary in the oil and gas industry is higher than similar positions in other industries, due to the nature of the work and extra compensation for working away from home for extended periods