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Lead Instrumentation Engineer

Lead Instrumentation Engineer

Name: Josh Collins
Company: Aker Solutions
Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Memorial University
Location: Onshore – Office Building
Hometown: Carmanville, NL
Currently Living In:  Paradise, NL 


Josh leads a team involved in designing and ordering equipment for use on offshore platforms. Here, he tells us why instrumentation engineers are so instrumental to the oil and gas industry.  

Education and Personal Background

Josh has always been interested in computers and technology. It was this and all the potential job opportunities that led him to study Electrical Engineering. Josh’s career is a great fit for his interests, and he would encourage anyone interested in studying engineering to go for it.

“I’d heard stories before university, about engineering programs being difficult. The first few semesters were tough. But hard work and determination get you through it.”

Before moving into a career in oil and gas, Josh worked in the mining and telecom industries within the province. 

Duties and Work Environment

Instrumentation engineers plan what devices and equipment are needed on oil production installations, and other work places.

“There are devices for reading pressure and devices for emergency shut-down. Also, any safety systems for gas or smoke detection would be involved. Basically, instrumentation engineers outline what devices are needed, where they should go, and how to wire them up.”

Much of the work Josh is involved in relates to maintenance and modification. Once an oil production installation is producing, there are always new types of equipment being added, upgraded and changed. Josh’s work is mostly within the office, developing plans for these modifications. Josh says he enjoys the daily challenges of his job, and the reward of having his projects successfully implemented offshore.

Questions and Answers

What has surprised you about the oil and gas industry?

With the emphasis on regulations and safety, I think the push to keep things documented is more stringent in this industry than you’d probably see in others.

What inspires you most at work?

The satisfaction of a good quality job.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?

Work hard. Do your best. No one knows everything; so don’t be afraid to ask questions.