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Logistics Lead

Jeremy Whittle
Hometown: St. Bernard’s
Company: Husky Energy

“I work in a fast-paced environment with challenging internal customer demands. Each day at work is different, with each day presenting a problem requiring a unique solution.”


Jeremy has a Diploma in Nautical Science from the Marine Institute of Memorial University and a Bachelor of Maritime Studies degree from Memorial University. He says he was drawn to this type of career because he has always had a desire to work in a marine environment. He feels his decision-making skills are also critical. “I enjoy planning and organizing in a fast-paced environment where I am empowered to make decisions based on limited information available.” Jeremy adds that the high school science, math and English courses he completed were most applicable to his post-secondary studies.


Jeremy has worked both in a rotation environment (locally and internationally) and in office-based positions such as his current job. His hours vary but he generally works 45-60 hours per week plus on-call support. His work has taken him to every continent except Antarctica.

Jeremy currently lives and works in the same city, though he previously commuted to West Africa from Australia. His typical duties include organizing, planning and site visits. His work is primarily office-based with site visits to the marine base, offshore, contractor yards and helicopter service provider. In his position, Jeremy must be physically fit and willing to work in all environmental conditions year-round, as operations are conducted during all weather conditions.

Jeremy has progressed to his current position via the following career path: Cadet (various ship types); Ships Officer (Geco-Prakla/Canship Limited); Assistant Superintendent (Canship Limited); Operations Coordinator (A. Harvey & Co.); Logistics Coordinator (Husky Energy Inc.) and now Logistics Lead with Husky Energy Inc. Jeremy’s future career possibilities include advancement with the corporate materials group, entry into the contracts or production operations fields or opportunities within the shipping industry.

Compensation and Benefits

Jeremy’s employer provides him with a competitive salary, group health and life insurance plan, RRSP, flex days and a company vehicle. His employer also offers a performance bonus and provides a premium to employees while working offshore. Jeremy feels that his salary in the oil and gas industry is competitive with that of a similar position in another industry and it exceeds salaries in other industries with similar amounts of training. Salaries for this type of position range from $45,000 – $120,000 depending on job responsibility, individual experience and job performance.