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Operations Manager, Eastern Canada

Operations Manager, Eastern Canada

Toni Loder

Hometown: St. John’s
Company: BJ Process & Pipeline Services

“My job is challenging and ever changing. No day is ever the same. I really enjoy the dynamics of managing a hardworking, professional group of employees who are dedicated to their jobs. I have found that it is important to be real and listen to people – employees need to know that there is someone they can rely on who will go to bat for them.”


Toni has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Memorial University. She says her high school courses in advanced math, physics and chemistry were most applicable to her post-secondary studies. Toni’s interest in math and encouragement of hands-on activity from her family helped draw her towards her chosen career. “I always liked to take things apart – hair dryers, clocks, etc.”


Toni normally works Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm. Toni’s permanent residence is a 15-minute drive to her downtown office. As her company’s manager for Eastern Canada, she also spends every second week in the company’s Dartmouth office.

Toni’s typical duties involve the day to day running of the shop, coordinating personnel and equipment to meet the needs of customers. She says the biggest asset for her position is the ability to multi-task. Her workplace consists primarily of a workshop with some offices. Workers must always be aware of the hazards posed by equipment with high pressure operating in the workshop.

Toni’s career began as a Field Engineer with Halliburton in Grande Prairie, Alberta, before she moved to the company’s head office in Calgary. She then returned home to Newfoundland & Labrador to work on the Terra Nova Project as Lead Cement Engineer before moving to BJ Process & Pipeline Services as Assistant Operations Manager and now Operations Manager. Depending on where she is willing to travel, Toni’s career could see her as General Manager of Canada or Head Manager in Aberdeen. Because she doesn’t want to leave Newfoundland & Labrador, however, she may be forced to leave her company in the future for other career opportunities.

Compensation and Benefits

Salaries for Toni’s occupation range from $80,000-110,000 annually. In addition to her salary, her employer provides her with dental and medical insurance, top up of RRSP and employer/employee pension. Her employer also offers management courses to enhance Toni’s career. Toni feels her salary in the oil and gas industry compares favourably to similar positions in other industries and is higher than salaries in non oil and gas careers with similar amounts of training.