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Keith Jackman
Hometown: Bay Bulls
Company: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Ltd.

“On a daily basis I’m able to use the skills I’ve developed through the various positions I’ve held to help people understand data and issues that they could not without my help. That is very rewarding.”


Keith has a Bachelor of Science degree (Math Major and Physics Minor) from Memorial University. He says his involvement in many sports and group activities helped prepare him for day to day interaction with all different kinds of people. He says his early involvement in Scouting was also helpful in shaping his future.

Keith says his long-time interest in math and science influenced his career decisions. He feels that the math, physics, chemistry and earth sciences courses he completed in high school were most applicable to his post-secondary studies.


Keith works in an office environment, usually receiving data from people looking for help or interpretation. He says the amount of work varies from a few minutes to a few days, after which he discusses his findings with the interested people. Keith either completes work for people within his own company or for outside clients.

Keith’s job is not physically demanding but he says being able to concentrate for long periods while remaining proficient using computers is a must. Stress effects and repetitive motion injuries are the most serious hazards of Keith’s job.

Keith’s hours of work vary depending on activity level at any given time. When activity is very slow he usually works from 8 am-5 pm daily but when it’s busy he works much more (at times double that), depending on the situation or what’s needed. He has about a 20 km commute to work each day.

Keith’s work has brought him to such places as Paris, London, Bogota, Rio, Mexico, Hong Kong and Houston.

Keith’s past jobs have included: Geophyscist; Recruiter; Trainer; Drilling Optimization Engineer; and Petrophysicist. In the future he says he may pursue further development in Petrophysics, specialization, management or a complete career change.

Compensation and Benefits

Salaries for Keith’s occupation range from $90,000-200,000 annually while career compensation can range from $90,000 upwards. Keith’s employer provides him with benefits such as medical, dental and life insurance, discounted stock, stock options, profit sharing, merit increments and merit-based promotions. He says he is also entitled to both monetary and motivational incentives from his company.

Keith says it is difficult to compare salaries in his field to other areas since Petrophysics is unique to the oilfield. He adds that the training he has received is so extensive that it would be difficult to compare his job to any other outside the oil and gas industry. “Here we are constantly in training.”