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Quality, Health Safety & Environment (QHSE) Manager

Quality, Health Safety & Environment (QHSE) Manager

Shawn Furlong
Hometown: Labrador City
Company: Schlumberger

“In my QHSE role at Schlumberger I am involved in almost every aspect of our operation, which exposes me to many new things. As such I am constantly learning and every day is different from the last, which for me is very satisfying.”


Shawn has an Earth Sciences degree from Memorial University and completed the Engineering Technology program at College of the North Atlantic. Shawn says the math, physics, biology and chemistry courses he completed in high school were particularly helpful in preparing him for his post-secondary studies. He also says being involved in minor hockey and soccer taught him leadership and team-building skills, while public speaking also provided valuable experience.

“Growing up in Labrador City I enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, and living near a large mine I became interested in geology. While working in the Oil & Gas industry I became immersed in their safety culture which drew me towards a career in occupational health and safety.”


In his position Shawn is responsible for managing the quality of his company’s goods and services, the health and safety of its employees and the company’s possible impact on the environment. Shawn typically works from 7:30 am – 6:30 pm. He lives close to his place of work and commutes just 15 minutes a day. He frequently travels for work, to places such as Nova Scotia, Ontario, Calgary and, on occasion, Paris and Houston.

Shawn usually works in an office, with some time spent in the shop and yard area. He also makes occasional well site visits both on land and offshore. In both the shop and at the well site, Shawn must be aware of numerous hazards associated with the heavy, moving equipment and the general oil rig environment. It is his job to ensure that risks are identified and controlled so Shawn often seeks out hazardous situations and activity.

To progress to his current position, Shawn has worked in the following areas: Mining Geologist (Iron Ore Company of Canada); Well site Geology in Alberta; Mudlogging Geologist (Hibernia project); Data Engineer (in the oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Terra Nova Project and White Rose Projects); and Health & Safety Manager (Pennecon Ltd/Penny Energy). Shawn’s future career possibilities include further QHSE management positions around the world, leading to other management positions within Schlumberger.

Compensation and Benefits

Salaries for Shawn’s occupation range from $70,000-120,000 while career compensation can exceed $120,000 annually. Shawn’s company provides him with dental and health Insurance, a pension, discounted stock options, fitness reimbursement plans and an annual merit bonus based on the performance of the company and the individual employee. Annual bonuses are based on personal objectives.

Shawn says that his salary in the oil & gas field is 30-40 % higher than a similar position in another industry and 20-30% higher than salaries in non oil and gas careers with similar amounts of training. Shawn’s employer also offers access to hundreds of internal and external courses, ranging from technical to health & safety and career development. These courses are offered at one of the company’s many locations around the world.