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Rig Systems Specialist

Rig Systems Specialist

Jeffrey Swain
Hometown: Witless Bay
Company: Chevron

“The oil industry is a very fast-paced industry that allows me, as a Mechanical Engineer, the chance to work on very challenging projects all over the world which incorporate some of the latest engineering technology in the search for oil and gas.”


Jeff has a Bachelor of Engineering degree (Co-op) in Mechanical Engineering from Memorial University. He says his high school physics and math courses were most applicable to his post-secondary studies. As most projects Jeff works on require a team effort, he believes playing team sports such as softball and basketball helped him build essential career skills. He says the fact that he is mechanically inclined and likes drilling rigs helped draw him towards his chosen career.


Jeff currently works in Calgary and has chosen to work 6:30 am-4:00 pm daily to beat rush hour traffic and spend more time at home with his family in the evenings. He has a 45-minute commute to work by train/bus. Jeffrey’s typical duties originate with the workplan for a project, so, on any given day, his duties change in that he could be sizing a piece of drilling equipment one day and on the next trying to request bids from drilling contractors or service companies for equipment or services.

Jeff normally works in an office but when traveling to the field he can be required to complete a medical. He says field visits in Canada and foreign countries expose one to weather extremes and diseases such as Malaria. Field visits to drilling rigs also involve hazards such as heavy, fast-moving drilling equipment. Jeffrey wears personal protective equipment (hard hat, steel toed boots, protective eyewear, gloves and hearing protection where required) and is always aware of pinch points, crush points and helicopter safety for traveling to and from offshore platforms.

Jeff’s career began with a series of work terms through the co-operative engineering program at MUN (several of these were overseas). He worked with: AOC International (Aberdeen, Scotland), Deutag Drilling (Germany) and ABS America (Houston, Texas). Upon graduation he worked for: Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements (Lafayette, Louisiana), Tri Ocean Natchiq Engineering (Calgary, Alberta), WorleyParsons MEG (Calgary, Alberta) and his current position with Chevron Canada Resources (Calgary Alberta). He received an Inter-Company transfer to Chevron Energy Technology Company in July to work in Aberdeen, Scotland. Jeffrey’s future career goal is to be a Technical Specialist on Drilling Rig Design/Construction/Operation.

Compensation and Benefits

Jeff’s employer has its own dedicated Drilling Training Centre that provides courses in Drilling & Completion Engineering, Subsea, Equipment, Operations, etc.