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Senior Contracts Analyst

Senior Contracts Analyst

Name: Melanie Bishop
Company: Husky Energy

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Memorial University
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management, York University

Location: Onshore – Office Building
Hometown:  St. John’s, NL
Currently Living In: Witless Bay, NL



“I prefer to work in this industry because you are certainly rewarded for hard work.  It can be very lucrative if you work hard and are good at your job.”  

Education and Personal Background 

Melanie Bishop’s original career plans were different than the career she eventually found. She started university with a plan to study a Bachelor of Science, but decided on completing a Bachelor of Commerce instead. Then she started a fast-paced career in contracts and procurement, where she’s been working for over ten years.

In high school, Melanie says she focused on taking courses to prepare for university, such as advanced math and level 2 and 3 biology, chemistry and physics.

“This provided me with options once I entered university,” she says.

Since completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree, Melanie has completed a Masters Certificate in Project Management.

Duties and Work Environment 

Melanie works in an office environment, with regular business hours Monday to Friday. She is a very social person and especially enjoys how her job involves meeting people from different companies and backgrounds. Melanie says her job requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, especially since there are so many confidential and legal documents involved.

“I would consider myself to be very independent, decisive and driven. And I place a high value on integrity. These are all qualities that I feel are essential to working in contracts and procurement,” she says.

In her job, Melanie administers contracts between Husky Energy and its suppliers.  She is involved in advertising for contract bids, and selecting which bids the company accepts. A big part of her job is communicating with suppliers and negotiating contract terms and conditions.

“What I enjoy most about my job is that it is challenging. There are processes and procedures you must follow, but every contract you administer is different.”

Questions and Answers

What inspires you most at work? 

As a Contract Analyst, I negotiate contracts for services required by Husky. By competitively bidding services and negotiating contracts, I work to get the best value option for my company in terms of price, product, health and safety, scheduling, and more. It inspires me to know that this work is worthwhile and meaningful.

What is your motto? 

Work hard and stay humble.