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Technical Team Lead, Production Geoscience

Technical Team Lead, Production Geoscience

Name: Steven Ings
Company: ExxonMobil Canada


  • PhD in Earth Sciences,Dalhousie University
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geology, Mary’s University

Location: Onshore – Office Building
Hometown: Virgin Arm, NL
Currently Living In: Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, NL


“This career path was a natural progression from my post-secondary education and prior academic work. A career in oil and gas is technically and financially rewarding, and is well aligned with my interests and abilities. It’s a win-win!”

Education and Personal Background

Steven Ings is a provincially-registered geoscientist, with a PhD in Earth Sciences. Before joining ExxonMobil, Steven worked as a professor at Memorial, and conducted post-doctoral research at Dalhousie.

“I decided to study geology, which is the study of how the Earth works and how it has changed over time. The geological courses I took when I first entered university really intrigued me, and piqued a keen interest that continues today.”

Steven says high school courses in math and physics helped prepare him for the technical side of his career, while language arts courses helped him develop his communication skills.

“I owe a lot to the many exceptional teachers I had in high school.”

Duties and Work Environment

Steven works in an office in downtown St. John’s from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. As a production geoscientist, he identifies the locations of oil reservoirs underneath the ocean floor. He also uses scientific methods to determine how much oil is in each reservoir, and how the company can best extract it.

“Every day I employ scientific methods to solve complicated technical problems. A career as a petroleum geoscientist is all about problem solving. A big part of my job is to generate ideas about how to do things better or differently.”

Steven’s role also includes mentoring other team members. He oversees the work of other geoscientists, works with engineering and drilling teams, and makes presentations to supervisors about results and progress. Steven is proud to be a part of such an interesting, large-scale industry.

“The scale of the work being done here is incredible. Just think about it!  We drill sand layers the height of telephone poles from several kilometers away, and below several kilometers of rock!”  

Questions and Answers

What has been your best achievement at work?

My best achievement has been becoming Technical Team Lead early in my career with ExxonMobil Canada. I feel a great deal of responsibility in this positon, and I’m proud that the company has given me this task at this stage in my career.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?                                               

Do what you really enjoy, and don’t be afraid to follow your interests.

How does your occupation reflect you personally?

I get to directly apply the knowledge and skills I’ve obtained from over a decade of education in order to solve practical and complex problems. It’s also rewarding to know that the work I do has a financial impact on the province.