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Utility Technician

Utility Technician

Name: Phil Savory
Company: Canship Ugland
Education: Diploma of Technology in Marine Engineering, Marine Institute
Location: Offshore – Oil Production Installation
Hometown: Belleoram, NL
Currently Living In: Gander, NL


Phil Savory helps look after the many utilities required to run an offshore installation.  By the sounds of things, it’s quite a production!

Education and Personal Background 

Phil was always interested in a marine career, so after high school he spent a summer working on a Canadian Coast Guard vessel in the engine room. This experience helped him decide to complete the Marine Engineering program at the Marine Institute. A few years later, he graduated with a diploma in Marine Engineering and a specialized oil tanker certificate.

Phil says that taking advanced science and math courses in high school helped him during post-secondary. Calculus, chemistry, and physics were a lot of help during his first year at the Marine Institute.

Duties and Work Environment 

Onboard an offshore oil installation, there are many utility systems. There are systems for electrical power and telephones like we have on land, and additional specialized systems devoted to things like moving seawater through the plumbing, or for pushing compressed air.  Phil’s job as Utility Technician involves monitoring all onboard systems and signing permits for any maintenance that needs to be done.

Some of Phil’s typical tasks involve troubleshooting mechanical problems, or doing preventative maintenance. He is also involved in isolating systems connections so they can be worked on safely, and conducting tests for gases in confined and hazardous spaces.

Communications skills and the ability to adapt to change are important to Phil in his job.

On any given day, the work conditions can change. Being able to effectively communicate with other crew members is essential. Marine engineering is a very diverse and interesting field to be in,” Phil says.

Questions and Answers

What do you enjoy about your job? 

I enjoy the great morale amongst the whole crew on the SeaRose oil production installation. Before I started working there, I was told that the work atmosphere was great. When I arrived, I was definitely excited to see for myself how well people got along both on a personal and professional level. Being away from home for long periods of time is difficult, but being in this type of positive work environment makes it a lot easier.

Why did you choose a career in oil and gas? 

I chose this type of career because it is a very interesting, constantly growing and changing field.  There is huge growth in this type of industry and room for career advancement. 

What is the best career advice you have been given? 

Treat everyone you meet the way you would want to be treated yourself. I think these are great words to live by, not only at work, but in all aspects of life.