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Vice President, Corporate Relations

Vice President, Corporate Relations

Donna Parsons
Hometown: Bell Island
Company: Tekoil & Gas Corporation

“A career in the oil and gas industry is challenging. At my level, the most rewarding part of my day is knowing that our company has made a difference in the lives of many people. For me personally, I enjoy being a decision maker, I enjoy being an executive. This is what I was meant to do with my life. It’s been quite the journey!”


Donna completed the Petroleum Engineering Technology program at College of the North Atlantic before beginning her career in the petroleum industry. She feels the skills she attained as a member of the Wabana Boy’s and Girls Club have been very useful in her career. Donna also says that being independent, a team player and having the desire to achieve are some of the natural aptitudes which drew her to her chosen career. She feels her high school advanced math courses were the most applicable subjects to her post-secondary studies.


In her management position, Donna describes her hours of work as “24/7”. She lives close to her place of work (she commutes just 2 km a day). Donna’s responsibilities include overall Canadian operations for Tekoil including preparing drilling programs, purchasing drilling rigs and associated equipment, preparing 3D seismic surveys, environmental issues, public consultations, media interviews and human resources. Her recent work includes establishing a workforce to operate a rig refurbishment facility, dealing with all levels of government and being involved in multi-million dollar funding opportunities.

She describes her place of work as a “fast-paced work environment”. She says that as with any job, workplace, health, and safety should be on everyone’s mind throughout their workday in order to be aware of the workplace environment and to correct any hazards that may be present.

Donna’s business allows her the opportunity to travel both provincially and internationally. She spent eight years working with the provincial government as a Petroleum Engineering Technologist (7_ years) and Industrial Benefits Officer (6 months) before accepting her current position. Donna’s future career possibilities include President of Tekoil (Canada).

Compensation and Benefits

There is a wide range of salaries in the oil and gas industry. A person with Donna’s experience and education, working as an executive, would expect a salary range from $100,000 upwards, while career compensation can exceed $200,000 annually. An executive would also expect to receive additional bonuses from employers. Donna says her salary in the oil and gas field is higher than a similar position might be in another industry, and is also higher than salaries in non oil and gas careers with similar amounts of training. Her employer will also provide any future training that is needed.